Strategy Consulting, Facilitation and Visualization

We retain 15% of what we hear, 65% of what we see, and 80% when combined. Are you taking full advantage of the fact that 80% of adult learners are visual?  Check out the services below and let's design visible solutions together that capitalize on visual thinking and retention.

Note each of the visual methods below may be integrated into an existing engagement, designed into new work or individually tailored to meet your needs. If you do not catch what you're looking for or have questions, please share your ideas here!

.the listening art of the graphic recorder. contemplative. memorable.

.the listening art of the graphic recorder. contemplative. memorable.

visual (graphic) facilitation & recording

visual facilitation (a facilitator utilizing visual methods). Formally recognized as the plan, design and delivery of a session with groups or individuals that utilizes visual techniques. In the past, most graphic facilitation utilized large scale images or templates for population while working with a group. Visual approaches today often involve interactivity to create a more engaging experience for participants. Witnesses of facilitators able to effectively incorporate visual methods often feel they have observed "dancing with the wall" in real time.

visual recording (a visual scribe). The observation and listening of an artist that visually transcribes the information being shared by a speaker or group of speakers in real time. The visual transcription offers a synthesized snapshot for participants, often focused on key messaging and may be digitized for sharing afterwards. This service is highly effective for conferences and larger-scale events, as well as meetings in more intimate settings.

sketchnoting, visual data synthesis, hand-drawn infographics and more. These services are also available upon request. Please check out my viz portfolio for ideas and inspiration!

virtual collaboration, engagement & digital capture.

Virtual sweet spot and highly recommended for almost any meeting with at least one remote attendee. Or perhaps you seek to rev your digital marketing strategy? This option is well worth exploring together. 

virtual collaboration & engagement. Let's create a virtual space for your teams to collaborate using technology-mediated communication. If you have a virtual team seeking to increase their engagement, you've found a solution to check out! Learn about virtual leadership as well with materials and reading by Ghislaine Caulat.

digital capture. Do you need for a graphic recorder or sketchnoter at your next event, facilitation, or conference, but the space doesn't accommodate large scale capture? Or do you simply seek something less evasive? Are you looking for instantly digitized visual results or want to transform the visual output into immediate marketing materials or template-like graphics? Let's work together to see how the use of a digital scribe can bring you the best solution!

Simple, quick and easy...

.the virtual capture of the digital scribe. inconspicuous. powerful.

.the virtual capture of the digital scribe. inconspicuous. powerful.

Additional Services

.let what you  love  fuel what you do.

.let what you love fuel what you do.

Studio Art

illustration. any medium on most any conceivable surface.

painting. not-so-standard murals, oils, acrylics, watercolors, and more.

photography. available as second shooter upon request. Please contact me directly to partner.

Yoga Instruction & Mindfulness

My first yoga class -- a hot power flow -- in 2008 offered up an unforgettable rinse that has kept me thirsting for more ever since. In 2015, my continual inquiry of yoga led me to complete teacher training. As a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance (RYT-200), I am passionate about the transformative power of flow. My classes are designed to be challenging, creative and fun -- dedicated to building strength, while quieting the mind and restoring the soul. Let's practice together! 

An acknowledgement or few.

A word about my consulting approach and delivery. As both strategic management consultant and visual practitioner, I work in a way that first appreciates your unique needs and encourages the exploration of what is possible. From those discoveries and insights, I will partner with you to collaboratively design based on your desired level of engagement (e.g. development side by side or by way of a more hands-off approach). My diverse background offers you access to thought leadership in areas ranging from leadership and team development, change and communications management to systems integration and implementation support planning.  

I've been asked many times to fully explain what Strategic Visualization is exactly... for me personally, it is the ever-evolving merge of strategic management with visual practices to produce highly visible outcomes that increase understanding, retention and stimulate innovative thinking. Furthermore, the incorporation of visual tools and methods into any conversation or project brings new insights and opportunities to life, and ensures invaluable affirmation for participants that they have been heard (as they see their words captured and iterated in real time). The blending of visual approaches into the "standard" consultant toolkit, also familiar to me as Visual Consulting or Visual Strategy, has proven to accelerate decision-making and encourage a shared perspective of the big picture. My experience in this work has proven time and time again how powerful visualization can be - if thoughtfully incorporated - to produce meaningful moments and matchless experiences.