ENERGY. It's a POWERful thing!

Our energy level affects us and how we show up each day.

Explore that with me:

You walk into your meeting after a sleepless night, the expectations on the discussion outcomes are high, and the personalities in the room are unpredictable. How is your energy? 

Flip it.

Time to enjoy an hour of happy after work, and in whatever shape that takes for you (sipping, sweating, swinging, sky's the limit). How about your energy now?

I don't know where you stand, but the second scenario leaves me lighter: a sunny forecast and excitement in my veins. I am ready for anything in that hour. With a positive outlook and high energy, I am more likely set up for stronger performance. Take it further: I am set up for a better experience and it's more likely that those around me are too. 

Somewhat obvious, yes? Yet how often do you take an inventory of your energy? If so, what do you do with that knowledge to serve you best in the moment?


During a facilitation last year, the Emotional Quadrants were informally introduced to me as a technique for taking inventory. This 2X2 matrix offers a way to assess your outlook and energy.  

Based on where you land, use strategies to shift in order to make it an hour of happy rather than unpredictable.

Simple, proven strategies include breaks for walking, hydrating, breath-work or coloring. And don't just take a break, I mean TAKE THE BREAK WITH INTENTION.

Do that by disconnecting through a physical action (like a short walk) to HIT RESET. Then try drawing your attention inward with your breath, lengthening it; as thoughts come up, use your breath to acknowledge (inhale) them and release (exhale) them out, coming back to deep breathing for a few minutes. Actually allow the break to restore and rejuvenate you.  Build these breaks into your day, your week, month and year. Give yourself the space to truly be your best self.

For me, the middle of the month can land in burnout or survival state. The annual high from January resolutions may leave us in a lull too. Today as I work towards fresh air, I'll not be taking a short break. I am hitting reset towards recovery with a few days away.

Sometimes we have to take inventory to realize a short break won't cut it. It's not easy to untangle yourself and take a longer reset, I understand that fully. But it's much harder to stay in the pit of low energy + negative outlook. Don't do that to yourself, you are worth more.

Consider your energy throughout this year. Use this 2X2 or another tool you might have to gain perspective and greater awareness on where you are energetically. Let that learning guide your steps to your best self, always. Interested in exploring more strategies? Be in touch!

Finally, this post would be incomplete without recognizing the Human Performance Institute for their brilliance, and to Billy McMillan for sharing last year. Inspire #hummaninnovation.