Keep your eye on...

...the prize? Not quite.

This past week I found myself in the passenger seat of a tow truck in the middle of Washington DC. The driver kept yelling "Keep your eye on your rear view!"...and I did so half shuddering/half amazed at what I saw in the mirror.

2017 Rear View Towing.jpg

It was astonishing to witness this vehicle being towed out since this garage since it's reported to have one of the lowest clearances in the District. Be mindful that Jeep is a high-riding SUV, with a roof still adorned by a bike rack left over from tri-racing days. I'm happy to say it was a successful towing/extraction feat. No new scratches!

Why share this story among all the many positive things that have actually happened since last posting...? Well this unfortunate event - getting caught in a DC parking garage with a bad starter on a newer SUV - highlights a few ReLearnings worth holding onto, and I believe to be fair game for reflection:

  • Stop, look & listen. At any moment, someone could be speaking truth you need to hear - whether it's your client generously trying to help you jump-start your car, the towing scheduler or the expert tow driver. In my case, it was all three last week. And the clear ask to keep my eye on the mirror not only demanded my full attention to what was happening (a miracle towing job!) and bare witness to it, I heard loud and clear the Johari Window come back at me. Take inventory: have you done that recently?
  • Recognize your blind spots. How does what you see in your rear view help you frame or re-frame your thinking in the present moment? What are your blind spots? 
  • Let go. In my case, it wasn't just the "stuff" I needed to let go of, it was the idea around what that vehicle had been representing in my life. Weird...a bit of hoarding that I needed to release. At MYBO right now, we are focusing on aparigraha (the concept of non-hoarding, non-possessiveness). Drop in and work through this question for yourself while practicing during the month of May: what are you clinging to that no longer serves you? what can you let go of?
  • Be IN fully to the experience: let's face it, what else was I going to do anyway but sit and watch? Well honestly I did have a choice in that moment. We all do. I could have pulled out my phone or stared straight ahead avoiding what I knew would lead me down a thought trail that could be very painful to unpack but...Why miss a moment? Take every opportunity to be in. When it gets uncomfortable, dig in deeper: find your breath, relax your jaw and loosen your grip.

There is a lot more to say on all this, and several methods and visuals that help work through many of these concepts...Interested in learning more? Stop by MYBO on Friday evening and sweat it out with me! Stay after to explore visual approaches. 

If you're in the middle of unpacking or simply avoiding the view, STOP and LOOK. Take a higher path for yourself and share in that choice with those around you...we will all be better for it.


In other news: if you weren't following TEDxFoggyBottommarkerninja or me in April, take a moment to check out recent updates here. More to come on the TEDx visual digital experience for a second year - and the provocative talks. Also keep a lookout for facilitation reflections from an amazing workshop we held for the kids of Casa Chirilagua last month too!


Lastly, it's an amazing time to visit my neighborhood #DelRayVA. Check out the league of local artists on Sunday, May 14th coloring the streets @La Bella Strada