2018 & Another Trip Around the Sun

Ready or not yet another trip around the sun here I come. 

How do you kick off the New Year? I typically start with a little retro of my past (my reflection actually starts in the October time frame). And I must say my look back on 2017 wasn't pretty.

I can sum up 2017 with one word: BROKEN. While there were some fantastic highlights, just about everything broke. From relationships and bones to hardware and appliances, you name it, it broke and maybe twice. But what I learned very early on this past year was the power of naming and cultivating an affirmation. My affirmation appropriately came in late February as I was nursing a broken fifth metatarsal:



Practice and reflection on the breaking led me onto assessment. And just before the ball dropped, I decided to leave behind many things as the next trip around the sun began. I had taken time to find peace with the brokenness (oh yes, many a rant later). With that peace, I recognized taking some broken pieces that have yet to heal...and call it work in progress. With these pieces of progress in perspective, I refresh and reboot for the trip that's now in motion.

The perspective is one of appreciation (mindful this is tough coming from the kid that saw the cup empty). I take with me the learning, gratitude and healing process that started midst the breaking of 2017. I set the 2018 intention of connection that's been given to me, seeking to transform the floor of yesterday into the ceiling today and contemplate deeply the words of listen and illuminate that are laid on my heart. The accompanied goals I've set are my own and for the first time feel truly shared. I am cautiously optimistic that the hurdles of the past are ones I may overcome little by little (particularly with the blessing of renewed accountability this year).

If you're a goal setter and still reading along, I'll share a three basic tips worth considering as you set and progress on your goals:

1) Simplify: set at least one goal that is really accessible, actually doable (be it 1 glass of water more a day or smiling at someone on the commute home, ouch!). 

2) Personalize: set goals you can accomplish for yourself, by yourself. If goals require others, they are doubly more challenging to achieve...proceed on those with caution. 

3) Align: whatever you set out to do, check yourself before diving in. Is there passion? Is there purpose? If not, forget about progress. 

I approaching 2018 still visually exploring and increasingly aware that it's never too late to be who you might have been (thank you, George Eliot). Stay curious AND...


Your Practice.