Design for Personal Impact | Design Thinking Workshop Reflection

How do you design your time in this world?

On January 5th, I tagged up with another facilitator from the OpenIDEO DC chapter to employ design thinking techniques towards envisioning 2018. With a group of about 35 design thinkers and enthusiasts, we kicked off with appreciation for 2017. We asked everyone to think about the best of 2017 and to consider themes as they surfaced. We then pivoted to 2018 and encouraged everyone to develop three aspirations for the year. From there we began to map out our thoughts. With 2017 bests and 2018 aspirations, we prompted everyone to think about how they might work towards achieving aspirations for this year. Folks worked in pairs to talk through their ideas and began mapping. Along the way, folks were prompted to consider their underlying motivations, the pitfalls and people+places that offered them inspiration. The ultimate question everyone asked themselves was this: If today was January 5th 2019, how would I seek to describe 2018? 

We gallery walked. We shared our aspirations with one another. And we began, as a community, to understand that we all desire to make an impact in the world. We all actually do desire to be part of something much bigger than ourselves. Many also learned that discovering their purpose in life is easier than it seems...that meaning comes from meaningful experiences and that building capacity to accomplish more is possible. 

Further, charting all this out with others and identifying ways to be held accountable were the lynch pins identified in supporting successful achievement of personal impact.

2010 01 05 HH Personal Impact Map Layout Options.jpg

I've added quick sketches of the few ways to visualize 2018 that we offed to workshop participants. For those that didn't make this session or simply seek to begin again before we turn the corner into February, check in.

For a more detailed visual dive into your personal "data" that maps pivot points and defining moments, consider tying into a future workshop or 1:1 session.